Monday, 6 August 2012

Happy BC Day!

This extra day off in the middle of summer always hits the spot, this year is no exception. A day to do some garden maintenance, work on writing projects, or just rest easy with my cat while listening to CBC Radio 1.

I am however, very interested in the history of British Columbia and love talking about local history with friends over tea. This is a great day to do that.

I also use today to acknowledge the hard work that went into, and continues to go into, making this province what it is. I also remember that huge portions of urbanized and developed BC, such as the Greater Vancouver area, are on unceded First Nations territory: territory that, at the very least, we should be treating with respect and in a sustainable matter. I am a huge supporter of urban agriculture and independent, organic farms and farmers' markets. To the southeast of the city, lies the Fraser Valley, one of the most arable areas of land in North America: the quality of life for future generations in this region lies not in strip malls, big box stores, condos and subdivisions, but in safe, healthy food and reinvigorating natural spaces as well as vibrant neighbourhoods and communities. BC history helps me regain some perspective on these.

Perhaps we need to ponder these things as the powers that be debate running an oil sands pipeline through this province and sailing hundreds of tankers along its coast.

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