Monday, 24 December 2012

The December Project

There's that old adage that a worry shared is a worry halved.

This is a shout out to a great trans community initiative this holiday season; the December Project was launched on December 1 as a support network for transfolks who, given that this season is a lonely, isolating one for many of us, would like someone to talk to. The Project, founded by Jennifer Finney Boylan, Helen Boyd, Mara Keisling and Dylan Scholinski, aims to: "raise the spirits of people in the trans community during what can be a difficult time of year".

Boylan elaborates on her site: "We are trans activists, homebodies, authors, parents, spouses, artists, and teachers, including a trans man, two trans women, and a loving spouse.  Here’s our pledge to you: If you feel low this December, and need someone to talk to, contact us, and we’ll call you on the phone.  Period."

See the rest of Boylan's post for more information. And to the December Project network, Good on you! Here's hoping that this becomes an annual project!

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Not to sound cliched, but time does fly. Already, it seems, at the end of another year and looking back, talking stock, counting my blessings (including all of my relationships with friends and the family I remain in touch with), and working on sending out compassion to those who are struggling or who have lost loved ones (many, many this year) and those who are alone, lacking love and friendship as well as food, shelter and clothing. This year, although I forget from time to time like anyone else, I remind myself that I have been very fortunate.

More than ever, on any day, not just December 25, I want to share my life with others, spend it in others' company, co-create with others.

To all, Happy Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or any way you choose to celebrate with yourself or your loved ones!