Monday, 21 November 2011

My First TDOR March and Event

Last night, at the end of an action packed weekend, I took part in my first Transgender Day of Remembrance march and memorial. The 2011 TDOR was the thirteenth annual day of international remembrance of those in the transgender community who have been murdered in anti-trans hate crimes. In addition, the Vancouver TDOR also memorialized those in our community who have died due to suicide or by lack of access to health care or social services.

This year's Vancouver TDOR march began at the Carnegie Community Centre at Main and Hastings streets and proceeded westward along Hastings, through the Downtown Eastside, to the Harbour Centre campus of Simon Fraser University. A police escort accompanied us through a rather unseasonably cold evening. The sense of collective power I felt by walking with friends, acquaintances and allies created a kind of warmth.

The memorial itself, in one of the conference rooms at Harbour Centre, involved a number of us reading out the names and details of those killed since the last TDOR memorials in 2010. During the open mic portion towards the end of the event, a number of issues about services to our community were raised; healthy and honest discussion ensued.

Through it all and some of the socializing afterwards made me realize how much I needed to connect with others in the trans community more. I am making a mental note to make more time for my friends, in particular, my new founded ones in the trans community. We need each other.

Edit: More information on TDOR can be found at the Vancouver TDOR site as well as at the main international site.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

10 Months and Counting ...

On an upbeat note ... today marks ten months on HRT! Of late, I have, under doctor's orders, had to adjust my dosage a couple of times, but I am definitely on track. Neither hormones nor transition as a whole will solve all of my problems, but I marvel at how solving such a fundamental riddle in my life has made such a huge and positive difference. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity and resources to transition with.

I'm gonna make it after all!

How Long, How Long Blues

It's been a while since my last post. This one is just me venting and not a sign of me giving up on transition.

Well, it's finally hit me. The mood chickens have finally come home to roost (mixed metaphor alert!!!). The daunting scale of my transition has finally hit me: the tediousness of having facial hair removed, bit by agonising bit, the disappointment in looking in the mirror and seeing my five o'clock shadow, the red tape I will need to go through to get my name and gender marker legally changed, telling my folks (or at least those with whom I stay in touch). Vast chasms to cross, steep rocks to climb, trecherous passages to navigate. How long, how long will this transition take me!

Here's hoping I will make it through.