Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 1?

Hi ... guess I should introduce myself ... name's Vanessa, although I wasn't given that name at birth; it does have a ring to it. I'm nearly four months into transition meaning I've been on HRT for that long, but I've known (or better yet, felt) that I was mis-matched internally for sometime. I just had no real, clear idea why. The truth's been under there for years, decades. I first wore make-up at four. Was that was day one? I felt like a girl as a child and into adolescence. I had a drag performing alter-ego for years, but was always depressed when it came time to change back into my "real" clothes. But, I guess it took me a while to face the truth; when I did a couple of years ago, it was overwhelming. Maybe that was day one. I was driven to see a gender specialist last fall; perhaps that was day one. I started HRT on January 12; another candidate for day one.

Here in my home country, the elections are over, but the battle for us progressives has only just started. I've rediscovered my desire to write; I've uncovered my desire to dance, to garden, to laugh. All first days.

I've called this post Day 1 because ... well ... you have to start somewhere.

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