Sunday, 13 January 2013

An Alternate Set of Resolutions

On New Year's Day, a friend posted an interesting suggestion on Facebook:

"Instead of making resolutions I suggest this, write a list of all your accomplishments, things that brought you joy and ways that you surprised yourself from this past year. Then, at the top of the list write New Years Resolutions 2012 and then go down this list and check each one off. Start the year with a feeling of accomplishment to attract more of the same in the new year."

So, here are my accomplishments from last year:

1. I began work on two nonfiction books.
2. I started writing for The Switch.
3. I celebrated six years on the air.
4. I stayed the course with transitioning (no regrets).
5. I supervised the planting of eleven fruit trees in my community garden's orchard.
6. I got rid of my male clothes.
7. I completely nearly a decade and a half in my chosen career.
8. I arrived at a state where I generally felt good about myself.

and the joys:

1. more friends
2. much dancing
3. much writing
4. much laughing
5. good health

and the ways that I surprised myself:

1. My stronger sense of my own boundaries around family.
2. Me taking more ownership of my issues (self-esteem, perceptions of others, role in interpersonal issues).

So, as a result of doing this exercise ... I feel even better about where I am at and ready to take on the Year of the Water Snake. Bring it!

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