Sunday, 12 January 2014

HRT 3rd Anniversary!!!

Three years ago today, I started the journey that I'm on now! Well, actually, my "journey" goes back much further than that. The feelings I had no words for as a child. The persistent feeling for years that I was much more feminine than my body or circumstances would allow. The inability to relate to "being a boy" or "a man", even a feminine man. Trust me, I tried real hard. Life began at twenty-five when I moved out west and began to fend for myself on my own terms, but ... what were my own terms. Lots of learning and growth followed. I had many insights about my true gender identity and, even, came close to considering transition a couple of times. But, only when there was nothing else to hide behind, or to use as an avoidance strategy was I forced to confront the truth about how I felt. And then, it was another year before I prepared myself to transition. I started HRT on January 12, 2011.

It has been a challenging, but also a very rewarding journey since then. Of transition does solve all one's problems, but it definitely clicks if it is the right thing to do. Last year had many ups and downs, but my transition to full-time living went unbelievably smoothly. There is still some distance to go yet, but everyday in every way, I feel better and better.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

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