Friday, 13 February 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

Behold, my first annual anti-Valentine post.

Me and relationships never really got on well. In fact, my track record for them is so poor that I've come to the conclusion that they just aren't my thing, they are not what I'm in this world to do. To add to that, I have lost my enthusiasm for them. I believe I'm here on Earth for some other purpose, the energy that would normally go into intimate relationships is destined to go somewhere else. My life from this point on will move away from them and into what I was destined to channel my passion, compassion and focus into ... writing and contemplative practice.

From this point on, I will have no truck with intimate relationships. I will concentrate on friendships, family and community. I will now live celibate, and much lighter and freer as a result. Good riddance, St Valentine!


  1. Hey Vanessa, I just found your blog while searching out some old 45rpms. The ladies of R&B Soul cuts you posted are awesome. There is a small time 45 rpm on T and D Records by a lady named Dot Houston called "He May Be Your Man" that I found on Youtube but the entire track is not posted on YouTube and it cuts out before completion. You have turned me onto some new R&B singers. I have an old Juke Box and I always change the 45s and I like a challenge on finding new cool (non mainstream) records. Thanks. Paul in Pennsylvania

  2. Thank YOU and you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed my music posts. There will be more in the future. :) Vanessa