Thursday, 16 April 2015

And Back Home Again ...

The surreality of it all ... Montreal's deep freeze and blizzards followed by a sudden spring with warm winds blowing over brown grass and bare trees. Against this background, there were old friends, new ones, family biological and chosen, online and physical. And my own transition and recovery. Each day at my folk's place blurred into the next ... three meals, four dilations, two baths, one shower, TV, online radio, books. And all of the sudden, the day came when I began to pack my bags, ready to fly back home to Vancouver with mixed joy, gratitude and melancholy ... some sadness. One month exactly after my surgery. I will miss my family, the people at the clinic and Asclepiade recovery centre, but most of all, I will miss the experience of the last six weeks.

The full effect will hit me when I'm back out west, probably with an emotional dip. I will embrace my friends. I will love and cherish my family and their support. I will never forget this time ... in Montreal, where I was born early almost forty-five years ago and where you could say I was born again, learned to eat and walk again, and grew up for real.

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