Monday, 11 February 2013

Families ... Given, Chosen and Otherwise

Most of Canada has a Monday in February as a statutory holiday. With the exception of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, where the holiday is commemorated as either Louis Riel Day or Islander Day, respectively, the rest (British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan) commemorate it as Family Day. BC's is, uniquely, on the second, as opposed to the third, Monday of the month.

Hence, today is BC's first Family Day with many family-oriented activities happening around Greater Vancouver and the province.

It also seems like a time to honour families of all kinds, nuclear, extended, blended, same-sex parents, biological as well as chosen. I am of course grateful to my original family for providing for me as I grew up and doing the best all of its members could to raise me with what they knew at the time. But, I want to also acknowledge how much gratitude and love that I have for my chosen family of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others among whom I have felt deeply loved and with whom I feel and increasingly deeper connection.

Thanks so much!

Love, Vanessa

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