Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Place In The Sun ... A Year of La Dolce!!!

At some point, over the past few days while getting over a horrendous flu bug and working on a couple of writing projects, I remembered that the first anniversary for my personal blog happens May 3: tomorrow, in other words.

I has truly been cathartic, healing, fun and an honour to write, post and share this blog with my followers and others who have hopped along for the ride at various points since last May. Thanks to all of you who have sent your encouragement and feedback over the past twelve months. It's great to know that so many have found my posts about my life and transition inspiring, my discussion of world issues (or the ones that I had time post about) educational and my pop cultural references fascinating. My pleasure!

And now, here's to another year, which I'm sure will not be less challenging, educational, creative or fun than this past one has been.

And here's my first post from May 3, 2011 ... enjoy, again!

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