Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thanks and Good Cheer

This Thanksgiving (in Canada) long weekend, I have taken some time to think of the many (countless, actually) things and people that I am very thankful for. In the quiet time I had this afternoon, I pondered how fortunate I am to be in good health, relatively young and that, thus far, my transition is going so well. That my domestic situation, living in the bottom floor of a house owned by two great friends that I have known for fifteen years in an open-minded, vibrant and colourful neighbourhood; that I live well, eating organically as much as possible, gardening some of my food; that I share my space with a healthy, energetic and affectionate house cat; that my job is secure and that I had come around to seeing my career as a vital, and often enjoyable, part of my life's work; that I write and that my writing has come back to me in spades; that I  dance and can express my love for music that way; and, most of all ...

My friends! All of them ... all of you! Thank you for being there, not just for me, but with me!

I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.

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