Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Best Things In Life ...

I thought earlier, as I was doing my earlier posts, that it has been a while since I did a life update here. Looking back at this past spring, I can safely say that the clouds have lifted. After a winter of emotional convalescing, my mood lightened, my grief over 2013's losses and shake-ups cleared and I went back to one daily anti-depressant dose (I had doubled up over the fall and winter). The weather warmed and the sun came out. Happy I was again. I had also accumulated a lot of new writing which I have been working on since. I read at a monthly open mic, The Switch pilot aired on Out TV and a new season will begin production soon.

In March, after my assessment, I got approval for GCS. And, at long last, in June I came out to my family. The good news ... they accept me! June was a major month for me and for the trans* community in general, with the legislative changes in the US, Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME and an increased presence at Pride celebrations all over the continent. What a spectacular backdrop for coming out!

A winter of healing and a spring of coming further out are leading to a summer of promise. I have realized that my relationships are gold: my relationships with friends, family and myself.

I also realize that I have not done a Mad Men tie-in post this year. So, I will let the "late" Bert Cooper take it away ...

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