Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Goals Review and 2015 Goals

So now it's 2015! Time sure flies. Last year went by very fast. The goals I set a year ago were as follows:

"1. Get my assessment process completed, or as close to it (given the waiting lists) as possible
 2. Work on my book, getting a query package together for the publishers
 3. Post more on this blog and my new one
 4. Continue to get both my finances and living quarters in order
  5. Invite more people into my home, welcome them into my life, show them how much I love them
 6. Become more active in my community in two areas; sustainability and trans* issues
 7. Treat myself with utmost kindness and compassion
 8. Begin dating again"

Goal 1, I am proud to say, was completed by the end of last March; my surgery date, this March, was confirmed at the end of last October. Number 4 is being achieved; I am in a much better situation now with more stable finances (thanks to my folks) and cleaner, less cluttered home and life. I began to work on Number 5 in the latter part of last year. My family visited in August, and beginning in November, I began to have friends over more regularly culminating in a post-Christmas get together on December 27. And yes, friends and family brought good energy into my home, there will be more to come this year.

Number 6 was something I had mixed results with, but where I could, I showed up and got involved. I became a member of my community garden's board. I participated in last years' trans march. Regarding number 7, personal boundaries were a must, particularly in my work life and socially. It became much clearer that there was my stuff and there was other people's stuff (there is also our collective stuff, but that's for another post), and I refused to take on other people's stuff and try to process it for them. This was part of how I showed compassion for myself last year. I also rested when I needed to, including taking mental health breaks.

Numbers 2, 3 and 8 were the problematic goals. Work on my book did not happen. I did post on this blog, but my second one never really got off the ground. And dating was a non-issue.

And now, here I am at 2015's doorstep.

I have but one goal ... to uncompromisingly care for myself as I go through and recover from gender confirmation surgery this March. It will take months and I will make recovery priority number 1. Between now and then, I will prepare and get everything lined up. During recovery, I will take utmost care of myself. I will be stepping back from most of my activities, only doing administrative tasks for the community garden, no physical work. There will also be time and space to write about my experience.

So that's it, one very important goal! Best of luck with whatever goals you may set for yourself!

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