Thursday, 20 November 2014

TDOR 2014

Sobering day this; as it should be. It reminds me as a transwoman of colour of the price paid by many transpeople around the world for simply being who we are. Our journeys are not ones to be taken lightly, but a better world is possible and must be created. Our stories (this blog is one of countless such stories) needs to be told, by us, for us and for all. Our civil and human rights need to be advanced so that we are treated with humanity in the eyes of the law. Every year, on November 20, these goals manifest out of the and loss of this day and another opportunity to renew our commitment to bettering our lives and educating others presents itself.

My own journey here has been a very fortunate one. This evening, I turn my heart and mind towards my sisters and brothers who have not made it to today, their lives taken from us by hate and ignorance. Tomorrow, I resolve to do more, tell more and to continue to walk tall and proud into the future.

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